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Hamid M Acum 20 Zile The video editor must be using the force, because he cant be looking at the screen. Why step on the speakers with that annoying music?

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  4. Monica GonzalezAcum 2 Zile I have every symptom.
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It was way too early. Marianne Acum 21 o Zi Yes. That's where I'm at. I had to step away from my borderline fiance to self preserve. More info description for that Video!

Narcissistic relationships and bpd

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Ramani is that in every video where she discusses the topic of narcissists, she always refers to them as cases that are beyond hope and how hard they are for people around to live with. Take the example when she speaks in this video about a motivated narcissist as a client in therapy, she says that narcissists may get a bit better and adapt tools that may help but they'll never get rid of that rage and that's why it's s so hard for family members, etc.

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This mentality really irks me because she makes it seem like people with these personality disorders cannot be sufferers bpd dating npd, according to her they're always perpetrators in a relationship, bpd dating npd that they cannot really expect to get well either, so they'll just have to settle with being villainous beings.

You can clearly tell towards the end of the clip that this woman has contempt in regards to narcissists, coming from a place of personal experience that probably has left a mark on her. Steve Trivago How do you know her? He interrupts her, takes over conversation.

Worse interviewer ever alexa x Acum 24 Zile It's heartbreaking being used by a narcissist, specially if you have borderline personality disorder, because you are so terrified of them leaving you that you would forgive every mistreatment and feel like you deserve it. Then after they left, you see them completely fine, as if you never matter, causing an aggravation of that initial heartbreak they left you with. My body still paralyzes whenever I see that person around, and the intrusive memories of good and awful times will increase for the following days.

A V Acum 28 Zile First of all u can be diagnosed with both, what if u have all traits of both its fkn awfulcuz I have bpd and also had a partner bpd dating npd narc traits bt who was charming and also had traits of bpd it's all really confusing and over lap one another, I wanted to seek therapy and have bt my partner wud not which I'm pretty bpd dating npd me to think of them more as a narc, I tried everything, and I've been thru it where I'd scream and say no I didnt no I didnt cuz the narc wud make me flip out due to lying manipulate and gaslighting sucks u have to question your self and think "am I the narc?

Aeviternity Acum 29 Zile When she talks I feel a sense of Vince C. Acum 29 Zile I'm at a real crossroads here. She's absolutely borderline and has highly narcissistic traits, so the minimization of her behavior and omission of any facts that would make her look responsible for ANYTHING in her life is exactly what is going on in her therapy sessions I can guarantee, so she's being medicated for Bipolar It's as if she's reveling in her inability to care who she's destroying and enjoying it.

I feel as long as it continues it's going to end in her total destruction. I wish there was something I could do, but at this point cutting her completely out of my life and tossing the last 7 years in the trash can feels like my only option. cod aw bazat pe competențe plecat

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Any suggestion on an alternative? I've tried to explain what she's doing, and of course it's taken as an attack on her ego, flipped around, and deflected at me without an iota of ownership.

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Racap Riecy Acum lună The silky clipper clinically memorise because tornado specially file alongside a witty skate. Ramani: "That's the question of the day, it's a brilliant question, because there is a LOT of overlap. The overlap?

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Can't you bpd dating npd the psychiatric establishment of classification bloat at bestand classification speciousness at worst? Isn't it true that no other field of medicine possesses this kind of overlap? Does diabetes, for example, overlap with leukemia? It seems to throw into question the validity of these diagnoses that they all exist in a contiguous, vaguely differentiated classification mass. But we all need jobs, and when it comes to medicine, the diagnostic construct must be robust enough to bpd dating npd financial confidence.

People won't get paid to treat illnesses that don't exist, so we better get to socially constructing them. Cloudie Acum lună Sad to say but I'd rather self care and self love and choose to walk away from anyone or anything that messes with my peace, harmony or mental health.

I've dealt w a sibling w BPD and it's safer for me to stay faaaar away.

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I cannot be a human sacrifice Cheryl Kubicki Acum lună My ex husband has both traits, but more narcissistic. He's dragging out our divorce. We have nothing to divide, or split.

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The divorce papers have been revised to accommodate him, than he'll chose to change something. Just dragging it out. I left him and this is his revenge R V Acum lună Thank you for saying that nobody needs to sacrifice themselves to be accommodating to the sick person.

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I applaud that. Benjamin Fairchild Acum 13 Zile She is off base when she says there is no help.

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There are behavioural therapies etc. Check out Dr. Daniel Fox - He has some good videos on coping strategies.

Narcissism vs Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD vs NPD)

Come on. MY LIFE Acum lună My bf of almost 7 yrs has NPD and i have BPD and i feel like since we been together for that long we learned eachothers ways and i work around that he doesnt quite understand what i have but i feel like with me since i know he has NPD i deal with it and once i found out he had it i studied alot about NPD and so i let him just be him and dont bother him much with the understanding of his and my disorder i was able to figuyre bpd dating npd a good balance not the greatest balance but a good enough balance to keep things going good i know im in a toxic relationship but im ok with that he does cheat but im ok with it because i love him and wont take his kids from him it sucks sometimes but its ok most the time OGCarrasco damn girl hope you get out A J But there's also covert narcissism, there's not always grandiose Drea K Acum lună Thank you for this video.

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Your tips on managing expectations and maintaining boundaries are priceless. Bertrand Rozario.