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It makes it really enjoyable and immersive because you can pretty much always choose what you actually want. I also really like that you can play through 2 episodes and then once a day you can watch an ad and it basically gets rid of your wait time so you can play for 2 more! The characters and dialogue are very natural, and the challenges are cbs 3 dating show hilarious. The support staff for the game are also super helpful and friendly if you run into any technical issues!

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I have never watched the show, but I love this game so much. It is super fun and VERY addictive!

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I finished season 2 in less than a week, it was so good. There was one single problem, some of the characters kept swapping. For example, whenever Bobby was talking, Lucas was shown instead of him.

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Also, the whole thing is a bit cringy and weird, but not exactly in a bad way. It adds character to the game, and makes it feel like a real reality TV show. But, I was so happy with the wedding season.

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The only two people I ever wanted to get with were Hannah and Noah, so I chose to confess my feelings to Hannah in the lift and we ended up running away together. So in summary, there are a couple minor problems, but otherwise, the game is absolutely amazing.

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It is super fun and super addictive. I love the game so much.

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It is probably one of the best mobile games out there. Definitely recommend downloading it.

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