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A few of the cards part of the Thomas Newman collection that will be auctioned.

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Thomas Newman, a neurologist, died following complications from Covid in January, according to his wife, Nancy. He was Besides being a family man, doctor and collector, Newman was a gifted musician and golfer, Nancy said.

Over the years, the Tampa doctor collected sports memorabilia, mainly baseball cards, and even traveled to attend conventions to find pristine items to add to his growing collection.

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Nancy said he would jokingly call the cards his "paper babies. The collection was authenticated and graded by the dating st thomas largest sports collectibles certification company, Professional Sports Authenticator, a division of Collectors Universe, Inc, according to the press release.

dating st thomas

Newman was a custodian of some of the most historically important cards, the iconic pillars of our hobby. Newman amassed such a large collection that when Cohen went to Florida to pick it up, the collection filled an foot U-Haul truck.

The doctor even stored boxes at his medical office that were filled with unopened packages of cards dating back to the s, according to Cohen.

dating st thomas

Cohen said there are items listed from a couple hundred dollars into the millions. All rights reserved.

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