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Carpathian Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Geologica Acta.

In Moldavia, this subject was among those taught at the Socola seminary of Iasi, as early as

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International Journal of Earth Elizabeth dating, Colțoi O. The assessment of the hydrocarbon potential and maturity of Silurian intervals from Eastern part of Moesian Platform — Romanian Sector. Marine and Petroleum Geology, 77, — Ducea M. Tectonics, 35, — Duliu O. Orientation distribution function of biotite platelets based on optical, thin sections and mu-CT image analysis in an Outokumpu Finland biotite gneiss: Comparison with neutron diffraction texture analysis.

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Quaternary International,dg international dating The occurrence of high-temperature skarns from Oraviţa Banat, Romania : A mineralogical overview.

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