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He's the thorn in your side for most of the game that you choose to kill instead of saving your crew members from a psychotic PMC member who wants to nuke a statue and frame your gang in the process. It's the bad ending as you lose two gang members in an explosion for the sake of revenge.

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After doing so, you go to a bar with your remaining gang members and poor one out for your fallen partners, Shaundi and Viola. But this moment of respect is short lived after the PMC, known as S. G, bring out the Daedalus; a flying fortress aimed at being the dating site- ul gleeden gang deterrent.

You board the carrier and then initiate a boss fight against the big bad of S. After defeating Cyrus, you go to a news station to publicly denounce the mayor of Steelport, take over the city for yourselves and threaten anyone tough enough to come after you with all out war and an early grave Reclaiming your throne as Lord of the Sith and gaining an unlimited army with corrupted Bastilla was way better than the good ending.

Wesley WellsAcum 13 Zile Symbiote wolverine Check this out lol toxiternyAcum 16 Zile what about the Mario one where mana khemia dating moon crashes on mana khemia dating the planet Skull BardicsAcum 17 Zile Since were on the topic of bad endings does the embrace the void ending in hollow knight count as a bad ending?

The good ending is thematically appropriate, with the tight knit friend group going their separate ways and learning to take next steps, freeing themselves from the chains of an easy, yet stagnant life, but the so called "Bad Ending" sees you and all your friends living happy lives where you get to stay with your found family, your friend doesn't die, and a minor character is theoretically never sexually abused. Our character is a teenager who was tortured in an interrogation room, doesn't he deserve tripoli dating break!?

HerbertAcum 22 Zile Honestly when I finished call of duty cold war the russian ending was way better. Ending the degenerating cycle of decay by letting nature take its course and usher in a new world.

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Brent GarlickAcum 29 Zile Injustice 2 should be on this list. This even can work for a miles morales film. You can't forget Qatherine with a Q. A Trans-Female, that makes the love triangle a love square. InsaneInsomniacAcum lună I can't help but laugh every time Jane complains about the difficulty of dark souls, the Smough and Ornstien fight especially. Tangled MachinaryAcum 2 luni It was justified for them to take there kids to the park because the outbreak was only continued to the countryside and harren Emerald AlyAcum 2 luni Dark Souls doesn't have a good or bad ending.

MrZxAlanAcum 2 luni even tho it's "bad ending", Dying Light's one is canonic, so it makes sense why it's cooler' Taylor WrightAcum 2 luni Does the new Catherine game change the endings at all?

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It's embarrassing. Really, that game is such a study in so many good and bad things that can happen to a game. DeathcallAcum 2 luni Where, in the fucking fuck is cod Cold War?! Only good part of that shit game was that alternate bad ending. Your Wayward DestinyAcum 2 luni Is Is the Dying Light's mother character the same voice actress as Skyrim's Meridia? Because she's most certainly told me about a new hand touching a beacon in my humble capacity to tell voices GrandSupremeDaddyoAcum 2 luni Dragon's Dogma: Before facing Grigori he gives you a choice of sacrificing your captured "beloved" for the throne and years of peace.

The game decides your "beloved" based on the NPC with whom you had the highest approval.

This meant that most players either got the blacksmith from the capital because he was a good vendor, the short bald annoying Lord because he had a line of side-quests, or the king's own unfaithful wife because giving her a hat mana khemia dating out her disposition even though she later has you thrown in the dungeon. On my first playthrough I got the princess and I just turned aroumd and walked straight out of the dragon's lair to a cutscene of my mana khemia dating sat on his throne.

Dave CourtemancheAcum 2 luni Mortal Shell: Good ending - forced to fight monsters for eternity in an endless loop bad ending - drink and play music with your friends Akira the wildcardAcum 2 luni There's a game called devil survivor that I think fits the bill for this list quite well. There's the messiah ending where you get rid of the demonic invaders and spread the word of God The neutral ending where you tell the demons and angels to go away and leave humanity alone to go on by themselves And then the overlord ending where you tell the angels to go away, become king of all the demons, and you get ready to fight God A lot of people say the overlord ending is the coolest one Adam Mana khemia dating 2 luni No, I got more of a "No whitnesses" wibe from Sonic's look Acum 2 luni plz undertale Scotty LewisAcum 2 luni I'm shocked that you forgot about BioShock 2.

You kill Sophia lamb, and her daughter follows your murderous impulses and plans to do the same thing to everyone on the surface world. Who's Frida?

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Ooooohhhhh, that's just Jane's gorgeous silky long beautiful hair covering "Friday". Got it. The neutral ending is the best ending in Catherine, Vincent gets k and goes to space!

Flames of gamingAcum 2 luni What about ghost of tsushima as that's got a good bad ending. Douglas HuntleyAcum 2 luni Was that really the bad ending of Catherine tho.? I mean. Katherine was a monster. The bad endings are the ones where you get dumped Like Drakengard? Ghost De RazgrizAcum 3 luni Infamous second son bad ending was infinitely more badass. On the good side you get good grandson points. On the bad side you blow up your childhood home and then become a figurative god by acquiring every super human ability from the most notorious conduits.

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Paul GibbonAcum 2 luni There isn't really a clear answer, which seems fitting. Bear in mind the only people who claim that no, this will totally be a good thing for humanity no really trust us, are the grinning serpents.

If those guys told me water was wet, I'd run my hand under a tap just to make sure. Kinosho KawakamiAcum 3 luni "black suited spider-man" but that's purple VideoGameVeenokAcum 3 luni Good choice with Dark Souls, the "bad ending" is actually the good ending, since the Gods arent tricking you into becoming a Martyr just so they can survive. If you did want an example of him being killed however well How about in Shadow the Hedgehog where Shadow kills Eggman in not one, but three bad endings?

About half of them are just alternate moral choices. Troy SmithAcum 3 luni Makes me wanna finish dying light!

And isn't the lord of darkness in darksouls the good ending because you break the cycle??? You watch yourself literally become the supposed to be final boss.

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Jim StoeszAcum 3 luni The "Sealed Siblings" ending in Hollow Knight is possibly the worst mana khemia dating in the sense that both you fail to stop an evil god bent on destroying the world and doom your sister to spend the rest of time before the apocalypse locked in a cell, but it's the best ending in the sense that you get all the satisfaction of unlocking the true ending without needing to actually mana khemia dating the insanely difficult secret final boss.

Acum 3 luni When do zombies go to sleep When they are dead tired Paul FridmanAcum 3 luni Isshin despite being on his death bed was by far the scariest battle in the game for me, a angry firebending old man who wants you dead before he dies, atleast he's committed to stopping sekiro.

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Though sword saint was fun too. Guardian ape was another terrifying experience too.

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BawxxyAcum 3 luni Ah yes the sublety of childbirth Acum 3 luni I liked doing the bad ending in TW3 blood and wine even though I did on accidentalthough it was sad. Gurnoor SekhonAcum 3 luni Dark souls is heavily inspired by berserk and one of the biggest aspects they took dating pâlnia the opposite representation with light being the evil and dark being the good.

Gurnoor SekhonAcum 3 luni Pretty sure the dark lord ending is the supposed good ending RenyAcum 3 luni That Catherine ending sounds like the best possible ending. Gruper dating age 3 luni Not to mention that the "bad ending" of Dark Souls doesn't actually effect the outcome of the games, since someone eventually comes along to relight the fire and cycle repeats until Dark Souls III, meaning you don't have to feel guilty at all.