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I know she is beautiful but they said that idols that were known for their looks and Yuna was always mentioned in many shows for her beauty on the other hand Taeyeon was mentioned more for her amazing voice.

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Girl, all Hottest want to steal him. He is such a humble sweetheart.

Skúste sa sami sebou so skupinami dating sites kde môžete nájsť nové pre vás. Velke Ulany, Trnavsky chceš stejným, je oblečený na vlastnej koži. Page 1.

It's an amazing scientific miracle! I hope more teens and noonas will become Hottests when 2PM comeback on 28th June!

He was really cute, beautiful. Everybody called him Thai Prince Back then his korean was not good but he kept appear on variety show He also nichkhun și dating sohee a lot of cf Cannot wait for 2pm's comeback in a couple of days Joita Das Acum 3 luni Nichkhun!!!

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I would say her beauty has matured and evolved throughout the years. There are times when she really looks like herself from 14 years ago, but without the baby fat.

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I do wonder why Junho is being known more compared to Nichkhun. My guess is because Nichkhun don't act in KDrama.

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Nowadays Junho and Taecyeon become more famous after acting in several KDrama. So I wish Nichkhun will follow their footsteps too. Hehe nina Acum 3 luni back then in their debut days, nichkhun is more well known than junho and their members.

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He has so many fans now as compared to the latter years. SleepLess Acum 3 luni And Nichkhun is more famous in china,he works there a lot more i believe.

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