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Organization: Adani Vidya Mandir Namaste OUR SCHOOL Adani Vidya Mandir is an initiative of Adani Foundation, a corporate social responsibility of the Adani group of Industries and set up with the objective of providing free education to meritorious students coming from challenging economic background and to enable such students to reach at the zenith in their chosen fields. Our principal Ms. Raji Jayaprasad and Vice-Principal Mr.

On the inaugural day of ISLM i. Librarian Ms. Ruchi Kapoor acknowledged everyone about the origin of ISLM, the objectives and purpose of celebrating it.

The theme of ISLM was presented beautifully among students. V and VI. In the end a message was given to the students to use the Library resources wisely and follow the rules and regulations sincerely.

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Students were found very delighted and thrilled to complete this project. We hope this project will strengthen and enrich our cultures.

Proiecte de bibliotecă. Prezentare generală a programelor implementate în departamentele MUK "Biblioteca publică a districtului urban Novouralsk" Activități de proiectare programatică a bibliotecilor exemple

Croatia is a beautiful country in Central Europe. We whole heartedly thank ISLM novouralsk dating to provide an opportunity to work with such a wonderful country.

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Subject Experts gave their views on importance of Literature novouralsk dating society. Several programmes were held to acquaint students with our school library.

Синий Доктор говорила, - ответила Эпонина после короткой паузы, - что политику определяют оптимизаторы. Они решают, кто чего стоит. - Я знаю, - сказал Макс, опуская руку, чтобы погладить младенца по спинке. - Наверное, поэтому Ричард и Николь так волнуются .

Students were pleased to read such informative and knowledgeable resources. We celebrated Multi-Lingual Literature Days.

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On these days regional, National and International Literature of ancient, Medieval and Present Era was studied and displayed. The informative works of great authors and poets were appreciated. On the last day a tribute to William Shakespeare was given by recognizing his great works.

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We proud to say that we keep writings of such great writers in our school Library. All in all it was a great experience.

И мы не знаем, сколько еще потребуется.

Entire week of ISLM was celebrated actively and enthusiastically. The aim of adopting ISLM was achieved joyfully. Once again we wish you all a blissful ISLM.

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Thanks and Good-Bye.