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These forests include Afromontane and dry-tropical forests, studied in Kenya by Bussmann and Beck, and in southern Ethiopia by Bussmann. Two taxonomical classes Ocotetea usambarensis in moist climate and Juniperetea procerae at a dry site were described prior to our phytosociological studies, which were carried out partea 4( rify) the east and west sides of the Great Rift Valley inand results were compared with Bussmann's outcome from the 's.

New results are presented in this paper: 1 Forests remain on the west side above m and are characterized by Dating hacks app kenyensis Lauraceae ; these are different from the moist Afromontane forest at an eastern site Ocotetea usambarensis next to the Rift Valley.

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Some of these are unique species and extend to the rainforest in South Africa. Podocarpus latifolius forests occur at the western site, but these are different from those at the eastern site.

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This small area permits various forest types along a moisture gradient. There is thus the question whether the s data were from a quite different area or whether some vegetation disappeared due to human or wildlife affects.

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