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Another study this week by Slovenian scientists, published in the journal Fungal Biology, showed that dishwashers, washing machines and coffee-makers are full of potentially lethal germs, fungi or mould, including Exophiala dermatiditis and E. The moulds are heat and salt-tolerant and thrive in the warm creases of the rubber seals around dishwasher doors.

And they prefer modern, environment-friendly dishwashers — which operate at lower temperatures and use less water — to older models.

The fact is that the average home contains more bacteria than there are stars in the galaxy, and several kilos of human skin cells, dust mites, spores, eggs and the faeces of a dozen species of parasitical insect and crustaceans.

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Even a spotless house is, in microbial terms, as dirty as the average farmyard. The result: the epidemic of asthma and allergies that blights modern living.

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Even if you could make your home totally clean, you would be unwise to do so. Dirt, in moderation, is part of life — and above we show where most of it is hidden within your house.

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