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FZP are a type of diffractive antenna. The original concept of the zone plate evolved from the work at optical frequencies by Augustin Fresnel in the early nineteenth century [1].

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There has been a renewed interest in their design over the past few years for applications in the microwave and millimeter band, where they offer attractive advantages over shaped lenses and traditional parabolic antennas like simplicity of construction, greatly reduced thickness, light weight, and low cost.

Circular Fresnel zone plate lens antennas are planar and consist of rings which alternate between transparent and opaque metal. The metal rings coincide with the alternating o phase zones on the surface speed​​ dating dusseldorf ab 50 the antenna aperture.

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They block the electromagnetic EM waves from the source, placed at the focus of the lens, that are degrees out of phase relative to the center of the aperture. The EM waves that hit the opaque regions diffract through and combine to collimate a beam dating online în cape town the far field.

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Flat antennas are developed as an alternative to parabolic antennas. These are essentially stripline antenna arrays.

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The advantages of flat antennas are: compact design, light weight, easy handling and simple installation on house walls. Such antennas readily comply with the interior design of living spaces, both structurally and esthetically, and have high manufacturability printed circuits technology can In general, FZP lens antennas can be made with any arbitrary shape surface.

However, more practical are zone plates with axiallysymmetric, rotational silhouettes. An alternative to smooth reflector and flat antennas can be diffractive antennas of lens and reflector types.


Flat right and paraboloidal left diffractive lens antennas at 35 GHz. Lens antennas are aperture antennas of optical type. In general, a lens antenna consists of an irradiator and a lens. An irradiator must have the phase centre coinciding with the lens focal point, and must form the beam pattern for the required amplitude distribution on the emitting surface and create minimal loss to energy «spilling» over lens edges.

Both the width of the beam pattern and the amplification change insignificantly speed​​ dating dusseldorf ab 50 the level of side lobes increases much slower than in the case of the parabolic antenna.

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Modulated data vary slowly with time relative to the carrier wave GHz in TV satellite communications. The gain of the diffractive antenna is the sum of gains in each zone at the corresponding moment of time.

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Consequently, the amplification of this surge will be reduced compared to the total signal amplification, so that the lownoise amplifier cannot be driven or saturated. A sufficiently serious problem of protecting antenna icing arises in a number of countries. The design of diffractive antennas working in the radiation reflection mode makes it possible to create antennas with heating that operate under conditions of snow and ice covering.

DVR Studio is the least expensive of the three and at the same time at the heart of the two other versions as well. DVR Studio is capable of processing recorded events from receivers and PC cards supplied by a total of different manufacturers.

To achieve this, all metal coated radiation-reflecting zones in half-wavelength or multilevel antennas are electrically connected into a heater circuit, and electric current is run through it. Therefore, the problem of special heating devices is automatically eliminated for such type of antenna — their role is played by metalized Fresnel zones.

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