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Strângerea de fonduri s-a încheiat Despre With the encouragement of so many of you, I am creating this Fundraiser suntem dating shay show a way for all of the incredible folks that have contacted us to donate to Willie's ongoing Cancer Treatments and to give updates on her SUCCESS!!!!!

Let me catch everyone up quick on how we got here. I have Multiple Sclerosis.

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My body started seizing up into a palsy state. My hands and feet curled in on my body and my whole body started constricting in on itself.

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At first, I thought maybe it was random, a fluke, but every couple days, it happened again. Finally, it went from just affecting the left side of my body, to BOTH sides. The day I was taken to the ER was the scariest of my life.

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My teenagers thought, while witnessing the last attack that their And as dogs tend to do, she didn't show us just HOW sick. So Monday morning my husband took her and Willie to our regular Vet and waited 4 hours to get in.

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At that time she had very poor kidney function and was diagnosed with Lyme's and Erlichia another tick born illness. The Vet was very concerned and she spent 2 nights in the Hospital The day after I was released from the Hospital, Willie was too, we anticipated it would be a slow recovery, but we were happy to take care of her!

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As we approached her Re-Check visit, things were seeming to be doing ok. Throw in my getting back on my feet from a nearly debilitating MS attack, the house was a bit chaotic. So dating mastery sounded good, just a little breather from all the stress.

We were just going to meander around a bit. I had never been on a River and never seen so much Boat Traffic in my life!!!!!!

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We headed off on a short jaunt and soon realized we may be too "laid back" for the chaos that was the River that day, lol My husband wanted to turn back after about an hour, when I said, no, lets go just a little further up. Not 2 minutes after I said that, my husband started frantically turning the boat around and I said, whats going on?!?!? He looked at me and said, "SHAY!! Theres a puppy drowning!!!

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A puppy?!?!? It seemed as insane as finding a diamond ring in your pudding!!! As we got closer I swore it was a stick bobbing in the water, but NO He was right!

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The current was rough, the waves were huge, and the poor little thing was being swept under the water and around the boat. With all his might he couldn't get to us.

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We kept trying to re-position the boat, but he kept drifting away! My husband was finally able to scoop him up in our fishing net!!

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He came on board coughing out water and freezing cold!! I snuggled him in my husbands shirt as we went back to the launch. We looked for anyone looking for a dog at the launch but no one was missing him. So we took him home to get him back on his feet and see about locating dating lima ohio rightful owner.

As we come home with this poor little doggy out of the river, Willie begins to go downhill again To attempt to shorten the story here, we go back to our regular Vet, they do additional bloodwork now and Willie's Liver and Kidney functions are ALL in the "Red Zone", things are dire.


We are referred immediately to the Nashville Vet Specialists and here starts 3 days of extensive testing and life savings treatments that end in Willie's tragic Cancer diagnosis. On Willie's second day of her now 2nd stay in the hospital, a friend sends me a Screenshot of a Post about Zeus from Nick Beres. I didn't even take to Facebook, Natalie's phone number was in the picture and I called her immediately.

We NEVER returned Zeus because of wanting anything for it, we suntem dating shay show nothing râul datând lyon a reward and wouldn't have accepted it anyways!!

Willie's Cancer Treatment Fund

The ONLY delay in returning him was "he was healthy and safe, and we had a doggy that wasn't that needed immediate attention. That has budded into some VERY gracious and kind hearted folks wanting to donate towards Willie's ongoing Medical Expenses as we do everything in our human powers to save her! Willie was discharged yesterday on heavy medications and her official diagnosis is Lymphoma of the Liver. Her treatments are weekly and bi-weekly for the next months, with the hope of putting her in Remission!

Willie was a Rescue Bulldog and is her very Best Friend. She even suntem dating shay show not to get a Summer Job simply to be with Willie, since Willie will pout and refuse to eat if Savannah isn't home. As hard as it is for our family to accept help, we are SO beyond grateful for the special people that wish to donate to Willie's continuing care.

On top of my own Medical Bills it is staggering and the timing is incredible to have it hit all at once.

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From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!!!! Thank you for the Prayers and Love. We will keep everyone updated on Willie's progress and look forward to seeing God's Miracle come to fruition!

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