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Generalized Linear Models were used to examine the similarities and differences across types on depression, anxiety, mental well-being and uwo dating drinking Uwo dating and survey mode-adjusted logistic regression models regressed sexual risk outcomes on the main effect of syndemics six indicators summed: binge uwo dating, substance use, depression, anxiety, childhood abuse, intimate partner violencefollowed by the interaction of syndemics and social gender affirmation Conclusion An epidemic of recreational drug use and binge drinking exposes millions of young Europeans to routine consumption of substances which alter their sexual decisions and increase their chances of unsafe and regretted sex It was associated with poor health, longstanding illness or disability, and treatment for mental health conditions, smoking, and use of non-prescription drugs in the past year in both sexes, and with binge drinking in women We assessed the relationship between college binge drinking, binge drinking in the general population, uwo dating selected alcohol control policies The main goal of this study was to determine whether impaired control predicted heavy episodic drinking and alcohol-related problems cross-sectionally in an undergraduate sample after controlling for gender, family history of alcohol and drug problems, and several other established predictor variables from the undergraduate alcohol literature This study assessed the extent of alcohol-related unsafe sex among Canadian undergraduate students and examined the association between unsafe sex and heavy episodic drinking as well as drinking motives, drinking locations, age when they first drank alcohol, and illicit drug use

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