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Alexander Naydenov Acum 2 luni well a bit dissapoint of G2 but if jankos didnt int G2 would stomp the series Jashlop Acum 2 luni Alexander Naydenov Unfortunately G2 have a history of not adapting to the meta quickly or the meta not suiting them but as a G2 fan it is kinda enjoyable that they don't stomp every single game they play.

Alexander Naydenov Acum 2 luni Enraged Panther exactly man i love how ppl judging g2 after those games but in fact g2 played at their worst and schalke at their best and wasnt enough to taķe down G2 Enraged Panther Acum 2 luni Well at least they're having fun lmao and Schalke put up a good fight.

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Don't worry, I think they will quickly fix their drafts and their mistakes next week. Alexander Naydenov Acum 2 luni Jashlop yes but that was really sad man i expected stomp now everyone judging them because today they played so poorly Jashlop G2 play their best when it really matters Ivan Rado Acum 2 luni Limit is a beast Jankos fucked up 2 smites that costed G2 a game.

First the baron and then soul when Gillus took it. Ffs Jankos.

You have one job and you fuck it up. Its disgusting by the coach Staff, If this keeps happening they should fire Coach Staff lmao.

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Every game G2 has shit draft its kinda unreal how they even managed to win. Can't really say he wasn't playing well.

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Very questionable drafts like, who the fuck in the right mind would ban Hecarim xpeke dating sjokz then first pick Lillia on a blue side? Rekkles is the only G2 player, who actually performed great today, so well deserved MVP. This Guy They dont turn off the analyst mic quick enough. Kid, sometimes you must understand that you were in the wrong This Guy Apple Baron go away and stop liking your own comments!!

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Apple Baron Commentator, not analyst. And I xpeke dating sjokz pretty sure they aren't suppose to turn it off.

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Lanie aguilar Jankos: I mean Seraphine's balanced Riot didn't realized it so Thanks for the likes! Here's the sentence jankos said: Jon Reman Cabalfin Acum 2 luni Mald Lions yeah true sometimes even with healing reduction, it's hard to kill them. I kinda feel like ignite was better an option for healing reduction rather than all of the items healing reduction Djv1 Ferus Apple Baron that comment comes straight outta bronze i feel like Mald Lions Acum 2 luni Apple Baron ya healing reducation now May I ask what happens when your out of combat and they retreat for like seconds and then they come back with shield and heal B We Acum 2 luni Apple Baron Dude xD heal reduction is useless af.

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Healing reduction balances healing, thats All Healing ist way too Strong and there is way too much of it in the Game Healing reduction lets healing Feel normal, Means you can rather buy DMG and try to oneshot Apple Baron Schalke just trolled by not buying heal reduction items.